2015 Beez Game 1

May 4th, 2015

After a slow start to the game the beez come out on top of Pub 42 in the first game of the 2015 Season with a score of 13-4. Some outstanding defense and a couple nice double plays kept us in the game until the bats found their way.

2014 Beez Schedule

April 10th, 2014

Below you can find the 2014 Beez Schedule.
2014 Killer Beez Schedule

2014 Beez Stuff

February 12th, 2014

Here is a look at a couple new things KillerBeez_Rival_Grey_MOCKUP_3


KillerBeez_Beanie_Black_MOCKUP_4for 2014

Jake and Bolin

June 24th, 2013

Jake and Bolin kicked off last week’s game the right way:


2013 Beez Season Opener

May 6th, 2013

The 2013 Killer Beez Season opener was tonight!

The entire team was in attendance and even had a few Fans. We have named an official scorekeeper in the past, Jill. We have named some super fans such as Kristy (back in the day) and Sarah who still makes it to a lot of the games. Now this year we have named an official video / photographer, Kuk. I won’t say he got the job because of his ability to record, but more along the lines of his height and ability to get up in the air over the fence. We got some good video for opening week. And we always have openings for beez fans, there is usually room in the stands… :)

First team up was TCO, or drinking mate. We came out defensively doing well for the first three innings, and offensively doing OK putting up 5 in the first, and just onesy twosy in the next couple. They came out and hit in the fourth putting up 8 I think, luckily we had an answer of our own with 7. The second game was one that we just came out and hit. Person after person, hit after hit we ended up scoring 24 runs in just four innings.

Player of the week has to go to Chay, this guy came out and hit the ball, all night. He went 7/8 and the one out he did have the fielder simply scouted him, its a base hit 90% of the time otherwise. Really fine job tonight Chay.

Over all we played really well, bats were doing work. Everyone (except Jordon) batted well. Base running went OK, couple missed opportunities. But overall it was a good night behind the bats. Defensively we left a few plays on the table we would all want another shot at.

First Cage Hits

January 13th, 2013

Panda, Rachel, Sam and I hit the cages for the first time of the year!

Felt great to start hitting again!!! Busted out a couple new bats, they sure sound good with frozen softballs from the rafters :)

We even had a fun game to play in the batting cage.

2012 Season

October 23rd, 2012

Last hit of the season is a home run.

Last week with New Hope Monsters

October 15th, 2012

What was a pretty long season because of the single headers and the limited number of teams in New Hope Mondays Fall has come to an end. Really after tonight I can say I am pretty happy it is over. I was ready to leave after about the third inning after some players on the team showed no interest in being there. People not running to one, jogging and getting tossed out while trying to take extra bases. People missing routine stuff, mental mistakes and people missing balls. It was really Silly. At one point I said something pretty loud to the team about quit wasting my time…. But understand the play that got me there….

Bases loaded no outs. Batter hits ground ball to third baseman who is about 6 feet from the bag, giving the line. He tosses to second base (1st out), throws to first (2nd out) guys from second and third are f’ing walking…. First basemen tosses the ball – not a laser a toss to third base and tags second base runner about 5 feet from the bag…. Run DOES NOT Score. First time in my life I’ve seen that happen, it was STUPID….

Again fall ball, teams that are too good playing teams that are too bad. Teams that have their “regular team” and then their “Playoff team” Funny how many guys show up for those nights. Oh well some teams a shirt means more even if you didn’t earn it. Some people’s moral line is in a different spot. I just wish in sports everyone could share the same values.

End of the season, the guys are all a nice group of guys. Jake J. is awesome and always positive. He has done a ton for the team and does his best to make sure we always have enough guys and such. Thanks for the fall season!

Win with the Monsters

September 25th, 2012

New hope monsters pounded out a win tonight behind some good bats, Jake going 5/5! We used all our bombs and I actually used one that wasn’t a DBO this week.

I also managed to get another shit hop that came up and crushed me in the arm. There are things I won’t miss. But then getting awesome double plays I will, took a nice one up the middle to touch and throw for a double play. Jake caught a super shallow fly ball and almost tossed a guy out at 1b who was kinda stuck.

Fun week!

ThunderPigs – Last Week

September 12th, 2012

We (Bolin and I) wrapped up the final week by getting murdered by the first place team that had only lost two games all year in league. Their summer team lost two games, their fall team did not lose a single one. And it wasn’t going to be tonight either. They came out and hit lasers. While we did our normal give them 4-5 outs an inning. Some innings a bit more I think…

I was able to get a bad hop that crushed me in the thigh, so that was nice. I am sure I will have a massive bruise there in a couple days.

My other two complaints about this league, the season was WAAAAY to short and I hate playing the same team twice.

All in all I had a really great time playing with the team. All the guys are nice and are pretty dam fun to play with. The League of course is plagued with the same BS a lot of Fall Ball teams are, and that is some really good teams and usually a bad team or two. This makes most games not too much fun. The teams that are competitive and we had fun playing against we only play once, the others we play twice and in one case three times.

I really enjoyed playing Ball and talking Ball with Bolin, some of my favorite points were the car rides there and back :)